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Please join us as we support the efforts of Marossa Davis and others who recently traveled on a missionary trip to as they are collecting something that we can provide for those who live in the villages of Dame Marie and Bariadele in Haiti.


Sneaker Night at Vera Roberts' home.



Those who live in these remote villages are susceptible to disease causing worms and the hardships that living in mountainous areas and traveling primarily on foot can cause. While providing deworming education in Haiti this summer and stressing the need to wear your shoes when outside, one Pastor replied to Marossa, But my people dont have shoes.


Through a Missionary Flight team out of Florida, we now have a way to get the sneakers delivered this summer directly to the Missionaries in Haiti who will drive them to the villages. What a wonderful opportunity to share the love of The Lord in this way.


Come on shoppers. Show your stuff! Find those coupons, 70% off sales, store $10 gift cards and check the clearance racks! Our motto is great prices and good quality on a shoestring budget.

We have purchased great sneakers of all sizes from childrens to adult men and womens  ( no larger than an adult size 10 ) for as little as $.49. Join the Fun on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Lets deliver love : One pair of sneakers at a time. 


This effort is in coordination with the Calvary Baptist Church of Pemberton, New Jersey, the sister church to Dame Marie Evangelical Baptist Mission of Southern Haiti ( MEBSH) and Reciprocal Ministries International of Florida.