Mission Musings

Strings of Love

Day Three -Sunday November 4, 2018 Blog written by Suzanne Woodard

We had a glorious Sunday!

After a grueling Saturday, where one obstacle after another arose, we were witnesses to the Lords’s hand moving miraculously over our situation, time and again.

What the devil meant for evil, The Lord turned into our Red Sea experience! What a mighty God we serve. Sunday was a Day to magnify his Holy Name! Oh My. Victory in Jesus! Yes!Eternal assurance thru Our Savior’s atoning Blood at Cavalry.

Strings of Love, the new Pastor & his Wife at Dame Marie Baptist Church, and the RMI staff teamed up to provide a moving and momentous Day of Praise on Communion Sunday.

Our own Min Emanual Paul brought the Word at the Morning Service from Mathew, Mark,Luke & Acts on ‘Why we go’

A co laborer from Strings, Min Milton Fox provided the evening message in an open air service. He spoke from Nehemiah - rebuilding- not just the physical walls- around your heart.

The resounding Word of God was powerfully delivered. We cannot quantify the Blessings and lessons in this short blog. Needless to say, like David danced out of his clothes with praise-our Praise report was elevational.

Tired but undeterred after a full day of worship with our Haitian brothers & sisters in Christ, we returned to our residence that night to recharge our batteries for a day of work-that the Lord had dictated,directed, and determined- ahead of us.

Be blessed!

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