Mission Musings

Mission Musings — Strings of Love

Praise God. Strings of Love, Haiti is in Zangleis, Haiti

Each day we hope to have a team member post about our day. Today first time traveler Jannet Smith will share her thoughts. Please continue to check for photos.

“ We arrived at JFK airport in NY around 5:30 am. The day began with fellowship. Our plane arrives safely in Haiti around 12:48 pm. Despite some turbulence and one lost bag, we are filled with spirit and know we are blessed! We boarded the RMI bus as we are met by Rob Thompson on the bus. The McGregor Baptist Church from Port Myers, Florida are there. I am sitting by one one of their members Kai Shanks who is here for her first trip to Haiti.

The Missionary Journey begins. 5 hours later we arrive in Zangleis. We are greeted warmly by other missionaries. The dinner is wonderful. We do have orientation and go over our journey scheduled in Haiti. Today I have seen the best of Haiti and it’s resilence. There is beautiful water surrounding. We go to bed thanking God for His blessings and knowing that tomorrow He will us through another day. “