Mission Musings

This Week's Donations

Praise God for two donations this week from two sets of original 'Strings'. Both donors have been there from the beginning. Gladys Taylor was with me in the classroom in Haiti when we first heard of the need for shoes to prevent disease and Shirl Hughes was the first to purchase sneakers to jump start the drive to collect 500 pairs in Cycle 1. Both have been constant encouragers throughout. This week Shirl and Ray Hughes turned in coins that they had been collecting for a total donation of $120 towards cycle 2 and Gladys Taylor delivered 48 pairs of new sneakers for toddlers. This makes Cycle 2's tally so far 167 pairs. Wow! Sis. Gladys only needs 8 more pairs to reach her stated goal of 100 pairs that she hopes to contribute for this cycle. Another Sneaker Night is being planned for early Fall. Start collecting those new shoes and closed in shoes. Sneaker Night is filled with Games, prizes, food, fun and fellowship. Date/ place and more info to follow. Stay tuned. This is one you won't want to miss.

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