Mission Musings

New Blessing!

Praise The Lord! Today July 10, 2014 Strings of Love Haiti received an unexpected donation of a large amount of coins from C. Ray and Shirl Hughes that they had been collecting since the beginning of this year. The Hughes' had previously donated many many pairs of new sneakers and shoes, but wanted to contribute towards the expected cost of $2.00 per pair on average. To date we have 556 pairs collected !

The shoes and sneakers are scheduled to be driven to Florida this month by Pastor Guy Glass and Minister Emmanuel Paul. From there the sneakers and shoes are to be flown by helicopter to the RMI Missionaries in Les Cayes, Haiti. After that they will be driven over the mountains to the remote villages of Dame Marie and Bariadele.

Thank you C. Ray and Shirl Hughes for your prayers and much needed support !

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