Mission Musings

Recent donations to Stings of Love

Praise The Lord for two exciting announcements. First of all the shipping costs for sending the 603 pounds of sneakers and shoes has been paid. God has provided generous donations through many of you to help defray the expenses. Thank you to: Family vacationers at Solomon's Island in Maryland, The Adventuress Club of Halifax, Va. ($100), C. Ray and Shirl Hughes, The First Baptist Church of Langhorne, Pa. (16 pairs of sneakers and shoes ). Fay and Ern Smith, Denise Horton Harris (purchase of a goat) and to Celia Burgess (purchase of a goat). The next announcement is that the first set of sneakers arrived in Dame Marie and Bariadele, Haiti. Check out the next post. Praise Him and thanks to all of you for being a String in " Strings of Love, Haiti"

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