Mission Musings

Cycle Two Sneakers Getting Ready to Ship on Friday

Special thanks to Geoff Taylor of CH Robinson Worldwide Trucking for coordinating Cycle Two's Sneaker Delivery to Dame Marie, Haiti. He is so great to work with. Plans are to ship this Friday May 20th. Deacon Ken Thorne continues to be a Godsend. He purchased 30 boxes for us to ship them in. I hope he drives the R&L truck on Friday just as he did on Cycle one. Look for pictures if he does! We have had so many recent donations of shoes. It is hard to believe we reached our goal of 500 pairs once again! We've also had purchases of 5 more goats and we expect more in the days to come. What a blessing. Another Sewing Day for Days for Girls Personal Hygiene Kits is to be held this Saturday May 21st from 9-12 noon in the Upper Room of Christ Baptist Church. Thank you to anyone who has ever donated to any of the various aspects of our trip! Because of your support and prayers much more than we ever dreamed is occurring.

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